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WARRIOR SOUL: Kory Clarke Talks Upcoming Album & Collaborations- Interview

Kory Clarke talks about the upcoming studio album as ‘hard catchy rock n’ roll’! Launched via Indiegogo campaign, it features many artistic collaborations, as John Polacheck on guitar from Chicago and Nate and Adam Arling from hard rock band The Last Vegas.
New Warrior Soul‘ album is scheduled for release in September 2017 via Cargo Records UK, meanwhile the band, including Christian Kimmett (guitar) and Michael Branagh (drums), will be playing a couple of dates in northern Italy:

Saturday, July 8, 2017 @Rock Camp, Trieste
Sunday, July 9, 2017 @Lighthouse pub, Noale (Venezia)

Hi Kory, how are you doing?
Thank you for inviting me again for an interview with you. Last time we headlined Trieste’ festival it was a blast! We continue to resist the corporate oil military control of the United States and resisting the Trump Administration and it’s ‘flunkies’. 

Kory Clarke @Trieste, 9.4.2016, (C) Paola Erre

So, you’re just back from US tour: gigs, last minute’ show, unplugged gigs…could you tell us a little bit more about the experience?

Yes, we’ve played a couple of shows in New York. We had a crowdfunding campaign for the new album through Indiegogo which is expected to come out in September with Cargo records UK. One of our investors asked for a private performance and we went in and nailed it! It was a really great experience in beautiful Pennsylvania farm country, trailer park amphitheatre, with an enthusiastic crowd. We had the other private performance show (so there were 2 of the bigger bucks) towards the new album. I helped organize for them in Manhattan in a recording studio, that was amazing too, very different to each other.

And you’re back on the drums, how do you feel it?
I play drums when I chose to, expecially in more intimate settings.

How was the experience with other musicians? 
Old friend musicians showed up and stood up tot the challenge of a Warrior Soul set. I have played with these friends in past tours. A bit of a ‘home coming experience’, but I did miss my band from Europe who will be playing with me in Trieste.

Could you give us an idea of what we can expect from the album, in terms of the style of music?
Expect the unexpected! Hard catchy rock n’ roll with an anti- establishment attitude.

What about your paintings? What is the connection with your musical activity, or it’s just for relax yourself?
Painting is brutal and you make a painting that gets finished only through an absolute battle with the paint, the canvas and actually painting enough of it, to not ‘over paint’ but still make it great. Your intuition is all you can go on to know when piece is completed. Sometimes you finish it over and over again only to realize that it could have been better before you started to go over it.

You started from New York in Eighties, how do you feel the city right now?
New York is a nightmare, just getting in and out of the airport is already unbelievable and crowded. The ‘edge’ is gone, it’s a far cry to the wild that it used to be in 1985.I don’t want to visit anymore. I am only going to play a few shows more in my career. I think this Fall could be the last time I play NYC. But the trip to Chicago has been amazing, working with John Polacheck on guitar and Adam and Nate Arling from The Last Vegas has been great for this new album with massive ideas and talent to completing this.. The tracks are being sent as we speak.

It seems a real global album..
My mixing engineer Miguel Martins is waiting in London, some of the mastering will be done between Athens and London. I cannot wait to get it done…This record is going to be awesome!

I’ve noticed you have a big feedback in Italy, in Trieste too..what about some project? 🙂
That’s an interesting concept…I like to work with GG Rock from Padova from record label Jetglow. He is a great producer of music and he will be playing with me at Trieste Rock Camp along with Christian Kimmett from Edinburgh and Branagh from Belfast, Ireland.