TSO: nuovo singolo, nuovo album a febbraio

Founded by Marco and Andrea Abbrescia in 2013, TSO are purveyors of an unadulterated 90s rock sound, crafting songs that brim with infectious hooks, a healthy dose of distortion, melody-driven guitars and melancholic vocals. At times sharp and boisterous but always graceful in its completion, their music freely takes its cue from the likes of Failure and Cave In. 

Their upcoming third album ‘Hellcare’ was entirely written, recorded and produced by the Abbrescia brothers in their Slovenia-based studio, with both Marco and Andrea creating the drum parts and embracing vocal duties. Soundscapes are expanding into a dreamlike journey, displaying a rich sonic palette from noise-infused, dissonant gloom to driving and hum-inducing riff-rock, all carried by their powerful baritone vocals. ‘Hellcare’ was recorded at TSO Studio, mixed and mastered by Davide Linzi. The artwork was designed by Jakob Jugovic. It will be issued on vinyl, CD and digital formats through Bandcamp, with preorders starting on Friday 9th, November at this location.

About the themes on ‘Hellcare’, TSO says: ‘Hellcare’ is our yin and yang album, it represents a new expansion in the band universe, both in the bright and dark side, and it’s about the subtle line between good and evil, where does one start and where the other finishes? You can hear these two polarities in songs like ‘Dugout’ which is more meditative, on the other hand, there are some heavy riffs in ìConstraint’. Marco started singing on this album. This is our most personal album yet, and it was entirely recorded in our studio with no external influences.

1. Already Knew
2. Miss Comprehension
3. Constraint
4. Brodo
5. Slant
6. Henry
7. Getting So Real
8. Dugout
9. Despise Enterprise
10. Scotch
11. Godspeed

Since their inception in Trieste in 2013, TSO released two albums, ‘In-Sanity’ (Irma Records, 2016) and ‘Hearth’ (Edison Box, 2019). They toured a lot as a trio, with different drummers completing the formation, sharing the stage around Europe with bands as Yawning Man, Jucifer, Mondo Generator. Now the trio is ready to deliver its third studio album ‘Hellcare’ in full DIY spirit. TSO have recently taken part in a tribute record to Failure’s ‘Fantastic Planet’ entitled ‘Planète Magnifiée’ and to be released digitally on December 8th, 2023 through Bitume Records. 

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