20 years of neurotitan gallery in Haus Schwarzenberg, Berlin

For its 20 birthday’s celebration, Neurotitan Schwarzenberg in Berlin Mitte kicks off a funding campaign at Kickstarter. It’s goal? To raise at least €13,000. ‘As of 2015’, says Steffi Goebel Neurotitan’s media manager, ‘there is no other independent, city-wide arts and culture project that is able to provide 300 square metres of exhibition space free of charge and to support the artists in the organization, execution and public relations work for their projects’.

Project 'Doors of perception' artist: Guache
Project ‘Doors of perception’ artist: Guache

‘When we started Haus Schwarzenberg in 1995 the centre of Berlin was a huge playground for artists with hundreds of emerging project spaces and artists. Now in 2015 there is not much left of the free and creative spirit of the 1990s. Our neighbourhood has radically changed around us, as we work in an oasis in the gentrified heart of Berlin.

Despite this development, we still offer a unique room for art, ideas and experiment. Our independent art centre features studios for rent, the NEUROTITAN gallery and the NEUROTITAN book shop. We are part of the larger ecosystem of Haus Schwarzenberg including the club ESCHSCHLORAQUE RÜMSCHRÜMP, the arthouse cinema CENTRAL, the Dead Chickens Museum MONSTERKABINETT, galleries, creative businesses and other institutions like the Anne Frank Centre and the Museum Otto Weidt Workshop for the Blind.
Haus SchwarzenbergOver the past twenty years Haus Schwarzenberg has developed into a hub of an international artist network. The non-profit organization Schwarzenberg e.V. has been meeting its statutory goal – the promotion of young, independent art – for the past 20 years with an average of 13 exhibitions annually. Since the NEUROTITAN gallery acts outside of the commercial art market, it can offer artists more freedom and better conditions than other galleries. We encourage the exhibiting artists groups to implement their artistic statement freely and without economic pressure. Many artists who had his or her first exhibit at our gallery – like Faile, Danielle de Picciotto, Jim Avignon or Doma – have since grown to international renown, emphasizing the importance of the work Schwarzenberg e.V. does.

Neurotitan Gallery, Photo credits: Henryk Weiffenbach
Neurotitan Gallery, Photo credits: Henryk Weiffenbach

Hundreds of thousands of visitors each year are inspired by the unique flair of the three narrow courtyards of Haus Schwarzenberg. It is a place that never rests, that constantly evolves and reinvents itself. The resulting authenticity and street-credibility not only promote the understanding of art as an engine and forum of social and political debate, but give young people in particular access to Germany’s history. Our neighbors the Anne-Frank-Centre, the museum Otto Weidt´s Workshop for the Blind and the German Resistance Memorial Centre exhibition ‘Stille Helden’ (Silent Heroes) deal with the darkest chapter of German history and thus make an important contribution to political education.

We are excited to invite you to celebrate our 20th anniversary with us with our exhibitions and our festival. Our first show ‘Yes, We’re open’ is taking place already and will finish on the 30th of May. It deals with the precarious situation of artists in Berlin, with the lack of studios and presentation possibilities. In August we will host a courtyard festival with many music live acts and an open air gallery. In September the Werk.Statt.44 artist collective will combine a metal sculpture art show and a 4-day performance festival in their exhibition ‘Beton, Stahl, Taube,’. Our December show ‘Best of comics, strips and stories’ will feature illustrators and comic artists to remember their first show at NEUROTITAN and to reflect on how both, the space and their practices, have developed.

Join us as we celebrate 20 years of neurotitan gallery and Haus Schwarzenberg. With your help we will be able to secure our independent art space for the future!